Fueling Open Source Innovation
and Sustainability by Empowering People

CommunityBridge accelerates the adoption, innovation, and
sustainability of open source software for both developers and enterprises

Build a healthy ecosystem around the open source software you care about by funding projects, securing code, and connecting with talented developers.


Project maintainers, contributors, and developers can join CommunityBridge to:

  • Raise funding to sustain and grow your projects by paying for development, events, or infrastructure
  • Grow your community through mentorship, training, certification, and employment opportunities (with matching diversity grants!)
  • Increase security of your code without becoming an application security expert
  • Support other projects you depend upon, admire or love through lightweight and transparent peer-to-peer funding


Organizations that depend on open source software can use CommunityBridge to:

  • Accelerate innovation through a streamlined and transparent workflow for funding critical projects
  • Increase access to certified developers through a data-driven talent pipeline
  • Reduce security risks through visibility into a project’s vulnerabilities and its adherence to security best practices
  • Reduce IP risks through visibility into licensing for projects and upstream dependencies

Support for CommunityBridge

Help develop open source leaders,
and get more people working on your project.

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