Enabling developers to build, support,
and grow their open source projects

CommunityBridge for Developers

Increase the sustainability of your open source solution by streamlining funding, growing your community of contributors and users, and securing your code and its dependencies.

  • Enables maintainers to raise funding so they can sustain and grow their projects by paying for development, events, or infrastructure
  • Supports contributors through training and certifications, paid internships, mentoring, and job opportunities
  • Increases enterprise adoption by reducing security concerns
  • Eliminates busywork by offloading administrative overhead and streamlining your workflow, such as invoicing, tax forms, and license enforcement
Add Your Project
Raise Funds

Fund Your Project

Receive financial support from individuals or organizations to grow your community through a streamlined, automated funding workflow and a transparent, easy-to-use ledger.

  • Attract funding by publicizing funding goals and allocations
  • Keep more funds by paying no platform or processing fees (up to $10M in total raised funds across all projects)
  • Reduce busywork by offloading administrative overhead (like invoices and tax paperwork) and streamlining your workflow
  • Increase trust by using a transparent, easy-to-use ledger and an audited, non-profit foundation as your fiscal sponsor
  • Increase growth of your project by paying for expenses such as development, events, or infrastructure
Apply For Funding

Develop Your Community

Increase the number and diversity of developers contributing to your project by providing mentorships and internships.  Fund these through contributions from individuals or organizations.

  • Attract mentees by providing referrals to top companies committed to interviewing your candidates
  • Incentivize participation by offering free training, industry event passes and certifications
  • Expand your community of talented, diverse, and committed developers by offering paid internships with matching diversity grants
  • Attract funding, mentors, and mentees when you are listed on the mentorship leaderboard
Enroll Your Project
Develop Your Community
Secure Your Project

Secure Your Project

Increase enterprise adoption by reducing security concerns. Reduce need for maintainers and contributors to be security experts (unless they want to!) to spot and eliminate vulnerabilities from their code.

  • Identify security risks by scanning for vulnerabilities in all project code and its dependencies
  • Assure enterprise adopters that your code is secure by displaying public badges verifying your project’s security levels and best practices
  • Patch and secure code by hiring and mentoring developers to fix vulnerabilities and pay them with contributions and matching funds
  • Reduce compliance risk by inventorying licenses used by your project and its dependencies