Creating more diverse, open, and sustainable communities.

CommunityBridge includes a mentorship matchmaking service that connects mentees with projects and mentors; projects with donors and new developers; and mentorship graduates with potential job opportunities.

Get more people working on your project.

Launch a mentorship program to grow the size and diversity of your community while enhancing code security, improving documentation, or completing other important project work.

CommunityBridge matches projects and mentors with candidates who have the specific skills they’re looking for, and mentors can refer mentee graduates to employers seeking people with open source experience.

As an added incentive to help communities boost diversity, the Linux Foundation’s Diversity Matching Stipends program provides a dollar-for-dollar matchup to $3,000 for the first 100 diverse candidates accepted into mentorship programs on CommunityBridge that offer a stipend. If your project offers a $3,000 stipend, the LF will match it for a total stipend of $6,000.

Sketch People Laptops

Help develop open source leaders.


Share your knowledge with mentees seeking to gain open source experience and help create a more sustainable ecosystem around your project.


Gain open source experience by working alongside an experienced project developer. You may be referred to employers upon graduating from a mentorship.


Connect with mentorship program graduates to help grow your team while ensuring the sustainability of the project communities your business depends on.


All of the tools and metrics you need in a single interface.

Public Project Dashboard
Provides visibility into a project’s mentorship program terms, related skills, mentor profiles, key statistics, and crowdfunding goals.

Mentee Matching for Projects
Projects specify the required skills, terms, and mentee responsibilities, and we match them with candidates to evaluate.

Candidate Referrals for Employers
Organizations looking to hire can receive referrals from mentors for graduates with the skills and experience they’re looking for.

Crowdfunding for Projects
Projects with mentorship programs can also launch crowdfunding campaigns to generate funding for stipends or other mentee perks.

Matching Grants
Mentorship programs focused on boosting diversity are eligible for matching grants from the Linux Foundation.

Mentorship Leaderboards
Leaderboards showcase organizations, projects, mentors, and mentees helping develop the next generation of open source talent.