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Launch a crowdfunding campaign, find mentees to help get more done, and get insight into code security — all for free.

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Contribute to the open source projects you love by volunteering, mentoring, donating, or participating in local meetups.

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Get insights into the security of the projects you depend on, back your stack, and connect with rising talent to grow your team.

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Define your funding goals.

Create goals for your crowdfunding campaign and estimate how funds will be allocated to give prospective backers visibility into your project. You maintain complete control over your finances.

Manage expenses in a transparent ledger.

Reimburse developers, pay for critical infrastructure, or meet other expenses. All donations and expenses are published in a transparent public ledger, and we handle the boring stuff like tax forms.

Detect vulnerabilities in your code and upstream packages.

Determine the weakest link in your app chain with daily scans and vulnerability reports. Find CVEs, CWEs, and bug bounty reports to help triage and remediate security defects.

Launch a mentorship program.

Create a mentorship program to grow your community’s footprint and diversity while getting more work done, and pay for mentee stipends and perks like conference travel through your crowdfunding campaign.

Showcase your project to the world.

Whether you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, a mentorship program, or both, a public project dashboard on CommunityBridge makes it easy for people to learn about your project and get involved.


Grow your open source skills.

Apply for a mentorship program that matches your skills and interests. Mentees work alongside experienced maintainers and developers to hone their skills while contributing to the advancement of open source.

Mentor aspiring developers.

Help grow your favorite project by working with mentees. Your mentor profile is showcased on the project’s public dashboard, and you can refer mentorship program graduates to top companies looking to hire.

Submit your expenses.

Get compensated for your contributions to open source projects by submitting your expenses through CommunityBridge. All transactions are visible in a transparent public ledger.

Organize or join a meetup.

Help build a local community around your project by organizing a meetup and running a crowdfunding campaign to cover pizza and other costs, or sign up to attend a meetup already in the works.


Get insights on project security.

Identify potential security risks before you encounter them in production environments. Every project on CommunityBridge has a public dashboard that highlights security vulnerabilities and dependencies.

Back your stack.

Donate to the projects you rely on to help them fix bugs, add functionality, and grow their communities. Specify how you’d like your donations to be used and track expenses in transparent public ledgers.

Find new open source talent.

Create an employer profile and specify the types of candidates you’re interested in interviewing. Mentors refer successful mentorship program graduates fitting your requirements for your review.

Showcase your commitment to open source.

Every donation your organization makes to open source projects on CommunityBridge is showcased in those projects’ public ledgers, and your employer profile highlights your overall contributions to open source.

Find your place in the community.

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