Create sustainable projects
through transparent funding.

CommunityBridge helps projects crowdfund donations from individuals and organizations in order to pay developers or cover project expenses. Features include fund matching, best practice badges, and incentives for creating diverse, inclusive communities.

Generate the funding your community needs to thrive.

Open source projects that have made an impact on the world are encouraged to join CommunityBridge. Applications take just a moment to complete and are typically reviewed within two business days.

The Linux Foundation will underwrite all platform and payment processor fees for the first $10M donated through CommunityBridge, so each of those dollars will go directly to funding projects. After the first $10M, donations will be charged a 5% platform fee plus the payment processor’s fee to cover these costs.

Maintainers can also make their project available for mentorship opportunities. Learn More »

Project Submission Guidelines

  • Your project is 100% open source, has more than one active contributor, and is not backed solely by a single company.
  • Your project has at least 100 stars On GitHub (or a comparable rating on other Git-based sources).
  • You own the public Git-based repository.
  • You are responsible for project communications.
  • You will be responsible for managing payments from project funds.
  • You can determine fundraising goals.

Support the developers working on the projects the world relies on.

It’s easy to support the open source software projects we all depend on. Individual donations start at $5, and donations from organizations start at $500. Donations can be one time or recurring.

CommunityBridge accepts major credit cards, and organizations that give through CommunityBridge can choose to pay by invoice.

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All of the tools and metrics you need in a single interface.

Public Project Dashboard
Provides visibility into a project’s fundraising goals, donations, expenses, and security vulnerabilities.

Accounting Transparency
All transactions are visible in an open ledger. CommunityBridge tracks completed work and business expenses, and also issues relevant tax forms.

Security Scanning
Daily scans map dependencies, licenses, and vulnerabilities. Bug bounty reports and usage metrics are provided as they are updated.

Standards and Best Practices
CommunityBridge helps maintainers adopt best practices for sustainable open source projects, from funding structures to security to community management.

Badge Program
Badges are displayed on your project dashboard to showcase your project’s status and progress on security and other metrics.

Mentorship Programs
Funds can be allocated to a mentorship program to help grow a more sustainable and diverse community around your project.