Enterprises accelerate their innovation and boost their
employer brand by investing in their critical open source projects

CommunityBridge for Enterprises

Organizations that depend on open source software can accelerate innovation while reducing risks.

  • Shorten time-to-value from using open source software
  • Reduce stagnation and abandonment risks of the critical projects you depend on
  • Reduce security risks and enforce compliance
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Fund Critical Projects

Fund Critical Projects

Financially support the projects you depend on to reduce stagnation and security risks while accelerating innovation and lowering R&D costs.

  • Financial oversight by a neutral, non-profit fiscal sponsor over funds and their distribution
  • Accounting transparency through a public open ledger
  • Matching grants strategically provided by the Linux Foundation augment your own investment to improve project security
  • Funding leaderboards increase shared investment from other organizations while raising your employer brand
Fund Projects

Source Certified Talent

Fill your recruiting pipeline with trained and committed developers for critical open source projects by funding internships and project development.

  • Maintainer referrals for certified developers increases the number of qualified candidates
  • Turnkey mentorship programs expand your talent pipeline
  • Sponsorship leaderboards increase your brand’s visibility to the open source candidate pool
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Attract and Hire Talent
Secure Your Project

Reduce Security Risks

Decrease security risks by proactively detecting application vulnerabilities and identifying projects that follow best practices.

  • Dependency detection scans projects and their upstream dependencies to reduce IP risk
  • Vulnerability detection by scanning for known and newly discovered CVEs in all open source projects and their upstream dependencies
  • Vulnerability remediation by recommending dependency version upgrades, fixes, or precision patches